Quality of its coffee

Without a doubt, Colombia is a country known around the world thanks to the quality of its coffee, not in vain, the nation holds the title of coffee country and this product is the symbol of its idiosyncrasy and the international presentation letter par excellence and that leaves bare the memory of a peasant people, noble, thriving and who sees in coffee, the main form of sustenance of the rural population.

However, the seal of guarantee of the quality of Colombian coffee in comparison to other international markets, are various factors, the first of which is the proven scientific evidence that Colombian coffee is 100% Arabica species, unlike of the majority of foreign crops that are Robustica, which means that it is healthier for the human body, as evidenced by research conducted in this area.

The second reason that shows the quality of coffee from Colombia, is attributed to the fact that currently there are more than 563,000 families producing in 588 municipalities and 20 departments of Colombia that currently receive advice from the National Center for Coffee Research, Cenicafé , on each of the stages of cultivation, thus guaranteeing the quality in each of the production processes of this representative product.

In addition, before the reference that Colombian farmers plant coffee in three different mountain ranges that are part of the national geography, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and seven different coffee regions; they offer the alternative of promoting the quality of the product and at the same time the opportunity to create sustainable environmental programs in order to improve harvests and thus guarantee the lasting quality of Colombian coffee.

Similarly, knowing that Colombia’s geographical location is privileged to have multiple water sources and a great variety of climate between heat, cold, temperate and ice cream according to the altitude of coffee areas, and the fact that the country enjoys bimodal rains, a huge advantage of coffee cultivation is favored compared to other countries that do not have these natural wonders.

Another aspect to highlight and perhaps the most important refers to the high quality throughout the process of coffee collection and manufacture, an initiative that begins with the seal of guarantee in the coffee selection processes that start from the research on all the varieties and forms of cultivation carried out by scientific experts that are part of Cenicafé.