Fill Your Cup With Specialty Colombian Coffees!

Fill Your Cup With Specialty Colombian Coffees!

Life is too short to drink cheap coffee that tastes like dirt. Instead, fill your cup with our full bodied Specialty Colombian Coffees

We are a business owned by third generation coffee producers. Our project is part of a long tradition which began in 1933 when the first coffee mill in Apia was established. Family values and tradition have played an important role in how we manage our business. As such, we have always treated our employees and partners like family.  Furthermore we all drink cafe con leche y sin azucar, we all drink coffee with milk and without sugar!

In May, 2018 a ship will sail with a container of micro-lot Specialty Colombian Coffees. When that boat makes landfall, consumers will be treated to a coffee experience which gives you the quality you crave in every cup, at a price which will make your neighbors green with envy!

(photo left) Cappuccino culture in the Coffee Axis of Colombia, in a traditional business class coffee shop

Business Opportunities

We want to create mutually beneficial relationships with coffee roasters and cafe’s. If you are a cafe or roaster who cares about delivering a product that stands out, then we can help! Furthermore, we will be able to offer competitive prices which don’t shortchange the producers back home in Colombia!

Who Are We?

Specialty Colombian Coffees is based on a unique partnership between a Colombian coffee mill, a Colombian coffee association and a well known American blogger in Pereira, Colombia. The physical proof is here for you to see and discover Specialty Colombian Coffees with us!

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