The diversity of Colombian Coffee origins is an advantage in this new category of rapid growth, as experimenting with beans from our different Coffee regions and their performance in Cold brews represents an opportunity for wide range of unique flavors.

In the center of the country is where most of the Colombian Coffee harvest is produced. In these zones, known as the Coffee Belt (or zona cafetera), certain coffee growing areas of the departments of Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda, with others located in the North of the department Valle, conform the Cultural Coffee Landscape.

What is cold brewed coffee?

Cold brew coffee is an umbrella term for any coffee that is brewed without the use of heat. The resulting coffee is less acidic and smoother in taste than coffee brewed using other methods. As a result, it is easier on people with sensitive stomachs. It also tends to be more highly caffeinated, although this depends on how much the initial concentrate is diluted. The ready to drink cold brew coffee format is a naturally healthy source of energy on-the-go.

 Cold brew contains more caffeine than regular coffee

 A cup of cold brew can help you to lose weight

 Drinking cold brew makes you smarter

 Cold brew coffee is better for drinkers with sensitive stomachs

 Drinking cold brew coffee could extend your life!

 Drinking cold brew coffee every day keeps you looking young

The key advantage of cold brew in the RTD (Ready to Drink) format is that, unlikely more common RTD coffees, it is potentially a healthy beverage. The natural sweetness of cold brew removes the need for large amounts of sugar or milk, allowing for a caffeinated beverage low in sugar.

While it can be consumed hot, it is generally drunk cold. Because of this, it tends to peak in popularity in the hotter summer months and warm climate places.

Darin Ezra, FYEO: Sales pitch I found in an English coffee history booklet from 1850 “cold water extracts only the more harmless and exhilarating qualities out of the Coffee, while it leaves all that is pernicious and indigestible, and which only become soluble in hot water.”

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