Apia Tour de Origen | Birds, Coffee, Paragliding and Music

Apia Tour de Origen | Birds, Coffee, Paragliding and Music

Over time we are offering some limited availability tours. They focus on the places where our coffee is grown. Feel the smooth skin of ripe coffee berries. Experience the local culture where your daily blend is grown and processed. Fly high above the jungle for a birds eye view of one of the most beautiful regions of Colombia, the Coffee Axis. You will find all this and more in our Apia Tour de Origen.

Apia Tour de Origen

Come along with us as we take you inside the world of coffee growing. This is a unique tour that will connect you with the lifestyle and culture of the local coffee growers. It’s an experience guaranteed to awaken your senses and leave you stunned by the natural beauty and regional charm of Apia.


Our itinerary includes a birdwatching experience which visitors won’t want to miss. Rise early and take a jeep up to the Natural Conservation area knowns as Aguas Lindas. Your guide and travel interpreter will take you through the pathways and help you experience a world of birdsong and beauty.


From farm to cup, we will take you through the entire process. Come along as local guides take you to actual farms and give you a hands-on coffee farm experiences which include picking, fermentation and processing. Later in the pueblo, we will show you how coffee is processed and packed for shipping, or roasted and served locally.


If you love the thrill and adrenaline of extreme sports, then you are going to enjoy this next one. Apia, is known as one of the most beautiful jumping off p0ints in Colombia. Soar over the fertile green fields and experience the rush of a birds eye view. You might be surprised how easy it is to take off and land. Plus, our pilots are licensed through national and international agencies which are dedicated to safety assurance.


The Coffee Axis is alive with the sound of traditional and international favorites as wind and string musicians present their talent. Apia has a special musical tradition fostered by a local musician/composer, and his prodigy, the current Music Master of COMARCA, or the Musical Corporation of Art and Culture of Apia.


Tour packages range between $50 – $100 USD per person depending on whether you want to take a day trip or stay a couple days. We work closely with local tour operators to ensure not only fair prices, but a level of sustainability that conserves local culture and the unique feeling visitors get when they visit this pueblo. For an experience that is beyond average with expert curation. Try our Tour de Origen Apia during your next visit!


This is an extremely brief overview of our basic itinerary, but really the actual one depends on you. Contact us for more information to help tailor it to your interests and needs. Our services include English translation as needed, personalized attention and a quality that we hope will make your vacation something above average as we take you inside the world of Specialty Colombian Coffees.

For more information email us: openmindedtravel@gmail.com

Or call/WhatsApp: +57 312 794 8245

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